The Qilin is a mythical Chinese creature written into the fables of royal folklore in Asian society. It has the head of a heavenly dragon, the body of a lion, scales of a Koi fish, a tail similar to a raging bull and the hooves of a great stallion. As a heavenly creature, the Qilin is benevolent and kind, but transforms to a fierce and powerful beast if good is threatened by evil so it is the perfect analogy of a true martial artist and represents the warrior spirit within. We say, let the character traits of the Qilin guide your battles on the mat and in life.

Combat Skin has take the essence of the Qilin and they have embodied it into their gear. Check out the rash guard and grappling tights below and find out what makes them one of the absolute best rash guard and tights in the market today.

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Let the Qilin Guide Your Battles

Combat Skin is a new company specializing in gear for practitioners of combat sports and martial arts, with a focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling. Being a relatively new player in the market, they wanted to make a splash with their inaugural Combat Warrior Rash Guard and Spats combo being their first foray into the industry. So they hired the one and only Meerkatsu to design the gear and I must say that it is extremely impressive and is obviously a sign of a bright future in the industry!


Combat Skin is headquartered out of Australia, but has its warehouses in sunny Sarasota, Florida. The company itself is built around a few principles including:

  1. Creating the best designs and fight wear for combat arts/sports.
  2. Providing a high quality service that leads to exceptional customer satisfaction.
  3. Using designers, artists and manufacturers that train.
  4. Supporting practitioners by giving back to the community.

As of the date of this review, I can say that they are already accomplishing some of these lofty goals already and will probably be doing so for many years to come. The Combat Warrior rash guard and spat combo already meet the first three points on this list as they are designed by the world renowned Meerkatsu (Seymour Yang), are made of the highest quality materials, are extremely well constructed, and from my discussions with their people, appear to have a great set up to support not only sales and business, but the BJJ community around them as well.


Combat Warrior Rashguard 01The Combat Warrior rash guard is in a class of its own when it comes to quality and design. The artwork is amazing and the magical Qilin creature is perfectly sublimated onto the fabric. This means that it will never peel or fade and that’s been my experience with it throughout the testing. The rash guard itself is made up of 80% polyester material and 20% spandex and the manufacture is of top quality expected of more expensive products.

It is also double lock flat stitched to allow for maximum comfort as well as durability to endure the toughest training sessions. Lastly, the panel design ensures that no seams are on the under arm, and in addition to the sublimated tag as well, this rash guard is by far the most comfortable rash guard I won.

I can honestly say while wearing this rash guard, it felt like I was not wearing it at all! Whilst being a sturdy construction, it’s light and it was like grappling shirt less, but without the risk of infection, and those weird looks that people will shoot your way.


Combat Warrior Grappling Tight 02The spats, much like the rash guard features the Qilin down the leg. So it was awesome to be able to wear this as a set. Like the rash guard, these spats offer some great features and are made of the same high quality material (e.g. 80% polyester, and 20% spandex thus allowing for optimum comfort and durability). The waist band is a four stitch rubber waistband which also features a draw string that helps keep the tights around your waist rather than around your ankles during training 🙂 Along with these features, the spats offer a unique four stitch lining around the ankles to help prevent them from riding up, and to help keep the spats in place when your engaged in some serious leg work like leg attacks.

The spats are also reinforced with flatlock stitching to increase comfort and the material allows for a breathable feeling on the legs, akin to grappling in vale tudo shorts.

I felt so comfortable rolling in the spats and I also received a barrage of jealous inquiries on where I got the gear. As I had mentioned about the rash guard, the spats not only make it feel like you are grappling with very little clothing, they also allow for an extra slipperiness that assists in slipping in the occasional Triangle Choke!


My experience with washing the Combat Warrior gear was also one of ease. If washed exactly as instructed (machine wash cold, hang dry, and no ironing or dry cleaning) there will be no shrinkage. And with the graphics 100% sublimated, there was zero peeling and fading. After much testing, the gear held up like new and there was no issues with durability at all. No loose threads or fraying of any sort.

Pros and Cons


  • Feels great on the skin.
  • Great unique features.
  • Top flight material and construction.
  • Fully sublimated graphics.
  • Drawstring and four stitch waist band on spats.
  • Great design and artwork from a world class BJJ artist (Meerkatsu).
  • The company offers a fantastic support.


  • The artwork may not be for everyone (I did have someone say, you better have game to back up wearing such cool gear).
  • The spats are also slightly compression fit and some may like loose fitting tights.

Closing Thoughts

I wish more companies were like Combat Skin, though they may be young, they bring professionalism and quality that companies with much more experience cannot offer. I have absolutely fallen in love with their gear and I can honestly say that of all the products I have reviewed from such a wide range of companies, this is the crème de la crème. Few other companies come anywhere close to the quality of these products.

Combat Warrior Rashguard 02I also love the amazing artwork and back story of the Chinese mythological creature, the Qilin. This is more personal of course and the striking design may not be for everyone. But even if the artwork is not for you, the functional features and the quality of construction set this gear aside from it’s competitors and should be atop your list if you are on the lookout for a new rash guard or spat.

Also, Combat Skin is beginning to roll out a sponsorship program that is targeted at not only competitors, but upstanding members of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling community. So if you or someone you know is deserving of a sponsorship be sure to contact Combat Skin through their website (!

So I leave you with this final note, if you wish to acquire a product that is top shelf, is cheaper than most of it’s competitors in the same quality range, and comes from a company that also gives back to the martial arts community, I would my highest recommendation to check out the Combat Skin Combat Warrior rash guard and spats. So do yourself a favor, and get yourself some Combat Skin (no pun intended)!

Grade: A

To get yours, go to Combat Skin

And to stay abreast of the sponsorship program which is due to kick off join them at Combat Skin Facebook

Reviewed by Josh Leduc