Whilst Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was created for the smaller and weaker man/woman to defend against the heavy and strong, we all know that in modern Jiu Jitsu, that’s easier said than done given so many people now have knowledge, or train the great art. The growth in Jiu Jitsu has also meant that facing larger and more athletic opponents is commonplace and there is little doubt that in your BJJ journey, you will eventually face someone that is huge and super strong. Even if you are big and strong, there is always someone bigger and stronger.

So we thought we’d focus on this element of training in this post as beating the big boys is one area that many practitioners need lots of help with. No one wants to get held down in side-control or be mounted by an opponent that is less skilled than them. Nor do they want to be held back from promotion because they don’t know how to sweep, pass and tap guys that are bigger and stronger.

Today, you can learn how to become a “Giant Killer” and pick up solid techniques you can use immediately against any size opponent. And to do this, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident expert at beating bigger guys, No Gi Pan Am Champion Dan Faggella.

So read on to find out more including two techniques Dan will show in the videos below.

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How To Become A Giant Killer

Dan Faggella’s Giant Killer 2.0 is now available and given Dan is our boy, we’re going to give you full insight into it including some FREE videos that demonstrate some of the techniques taught in the course. So read on and watch the videos. You will pick up a slick sweep and a submission you can add to your game today.

Overview of Course

Dan new course Giant Killer (GK) 2.0 shows off the techniques that have helped make him one of the foremost experts in lightweight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As we all know, Dan weighs in at less than 130 pounds and has made a name for himself by doing well in the absolute divisions of tournaments.

In the GK 2.0 DVD set you will get to see some great techniques for taking the back from guard, half guard and many other positions. He also runs through finishing the fight with some devastating leg locks and front chokes (see below for more info on techniques). But the best thing is the fact that watching the videos is practically like stepping into the shoes of one of Dan’s students who pay him over $250 per hour for private lessons. Many of the videos are filmed directly during his group and private classes.

On top of this, the course also includes a new “Black Belt Cheat Sheet” which is a training enhancer three years in the making. It was developed through interviews and the study of Black Belt World Champions and is a great source to improve training and to help in competitions. For example, it contains training tips from Robson Moura, Marcelo Garcia, the Mendes Brothers, Jeff Glover, Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes etc.

But First, Who is Dan Faggella?

Dan Faggella Pan Am Champion

For those that are not aware, Dan Faggella is an expert in lightweight BJJ and he runs a program and site called Micro BJJ. He is a Pan-American Champion, as well as a writer, and self-proclaimed “Jiu-Jitsu nerd”. Dan has made a name for himself as being one of America’s top absolute division competitors while weighing only 128 pounds.

Aside from his competitive background, Dan Faggella has dedicated his life to BJJ and skill development. In fact, his Master’s Degree majors in Skill Development at the University of Pennsylvania. Lastly, he is also a BJJ academy owner and writes for all the prestigious Jiu Jitsu magazines and websites.

Techniques Shown

Giant Killer 2.0 is broken down into a few sections but I must say that my favorites were the half guard sweeps (with an emphasis on back takes) and leg locks. And for example, within those, there are many sub sections with different variations of each technique with an emphasis on building counters off of counters so as to stay a step ahead of your opponent.

Here is an example of an instructional video from the course. Check it out. It’s a Butterfly Sweep and Arm Drag Variation.

Some of our favorite submission techniques were the leg attacks like the Heel Hook. The Heel Hook is one of the most dangerous submissions to have in your toolbox, especially against bigger guys, and Dan focuses on these subs in one section of the course. He emphasizes that for smaller practitioners, always attack smaller joints so as to use as much of you against very little of your opponent as possible. This gives you maximum leverage and improves the odds of finishing.

More specifically, I loved the section on the Heel Hook from multiple positions including the 50/50 Guard, Half Guard, Standing Opponent, and a myriad of other positions. On top of this Dan talks through countering the typical defenses and being aware of what a typical opponent will do in certain situations. The tips will increase the odds of finishing the submission.

To round out leg attacks, Dan also shows Toe Holds, like this one.

The Black Belt Cheat Sheet

As previously mentioned, “The Black Belt Cheat Sheet” is a list of 12 tips provided by some of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champions to ever grace the mats. This part of the course will help elevate your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training not just for training, but for competition as well. Apart from some of the World Champions previously mentioned, the list also features Andre Galvao, “Draculino”, Caio Terra, and many more highly regarded figures in our sport.

The tips range anywhere from the importance of resting, all the way through to methods to improve certain techniques and how to be fully prepared for competition. As a competitor I found these tips to be extremely useful and all ideas presented were fantastic and will be added to my personal training regimen (including my mindset).

Who Is This Course For?

I would recommend this course to all beginner to intermediate practitioners. Smaller practitioners will get the most benefit, but every practitioner under Brown Belt will get something useful from the course. In my opinion, it is extremely important to learn from smaller men and women, as their technique is always extremely precise. As many experienced practitioner say, it’s always best to learn from a small person because they had to learn the techniques the right way. They have had to struggle against larger opponent all their lives and they don’t have the physical gifts of strength that would allow them to get away with sloppy technique.

Closing Thoughts

This course is truly solid course and I would recommend it to my fellow practitioners. Dan may not be a multiple time World Champion, but he makes up for it by understanding how to teach (e.g. from his studies and background). He also brings a great perspective to the table, especially since he is one of the smallest competitors that we know and we can all learn from his years of experience.

I really like his style of teaching and how he links techniques together. The absolute closer for me was the “The Black Belt Cheat Sheet”. Dan has amassed so much knowledge into one guide and these tips come from the very best in the game today.

Reviewed by Josh Leduc

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